About Us

The Asif Group of companies comprise of 6 companies , which are registered in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. It also have representative offices in Dubai, Indonesia, South Africa and Kenya.

The Asif Group of Companies comprise of the following Companies:

Business Activities

The business activities of the Asif Group Of Companies comprise of the following:
  1. Training & Workshops
  2. Education - Certified Export Manager
  3. National Seminars & Conferences
  4. Malaysian Education Promotion
  5. Foreign Students Recruitment
  6. International Conferences
  7. International Trade Exhibitions
  8. Halal Events and Consultancy
  9. Foreign Students Recruitment
  10. Publications
  11. Club Activities - Export Consultancy, Networking, Trade Delegations, Business Exchanges etc
  12. Web Portals - halatrade & furnituretrade
More details on each activity are available in the respective companies' websites. .